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Join The Hunt Club

Belong to a hunt club where every detail is professionally planned and managed - all within a convenient driving distance from Houston & College Station. Many of our members enjoy self-guided hunts where they can bring their own bird dog. We are committed to providing exceptional service and plentiful quail & pheasant for you from October - March.


  • No extra fee for observers in the field.

  • Lower cost per bird.

  • Guided bird hunts at a discounted rate.

  • Priority for reservations/favorite hunting field.

  • Exclusive events for hunt club members only.

  • No extra charge for birds shot over quantity booked.

  • Add additional birds to package at a discounted rate.

  • Exclusive Feathered Forest Hunt Club hat, decal, and insulated cooler.

  • Complimentary lunch, snacks & beverages for all members and their guests.

Family Hunt Club

Immediate Family - $1,850 

100 Quail or 40 Pheasant


Combo of 80 Quail/8 Pheasant

VIP Hunt Club

Avid Hunters - $14,275

900 Quail or 325 Pheasant


Combo of 700 Quail/70 Pheasant

Friend groups/small business - $3,850 

225 Quail or 75 Pheasant


Combo of 180 Quail/18 Pheasant

corporate hunt club

Bring clients/colleagues- $7,300

450 Quail or 165 Pheasant


Combo of 350 Quail/35 Pheasant

Join The Hunt Club

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