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Meet the viral sensation bird dog "Lady"...or should we say Elvis?

You ain't nothin but a Lady,

Shakin' all the time,

Well, you ain't never missed a bird,

and you'll always be a friend of mine.

We recently had a group of hunters who were able to get an amazing video of our good friend Elvis...I mean "Lady", who was shaking up a storm with excitement, when she was on point during a pheasant hunt. We ended up sharing the video on social media and it has received an insane 1.7 MILLION views with hundreds of comments by many confused people! A dog who was once on her way to the pound is now a viral sensation!

A little history on Lady...just 2 years ago, professional guide (third generation bird guide), Brady Phelps, heard about a bird hunting facility that was shutting down in Oklahoma, and a bird dog who was on her way to the pound. Brady raced up to Oklahoma sight unseen and rescued Lady. Fast forward two years and Brady tells us Lady "gets all the brisket and table scraps she wants, is free to roam on 30 acres at home, and lives a cage free life guarding the pigeon coop." She is now 10 years old and sadly this will probably be her last season working as a bird dog. It's no surprise Lady earned the nickname Elvis since she ALWAYS shakes with excitement when on point. Next time you're out at the Forest say hi to our good friend Lady...and sing her an Elvis tune perhaps?

To view the viral sensation video click here:

Lady (left)

Viral Sensation Video
Lady on point

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