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Into the Forest: Campfire Chats for the Quail & Pheasant Hunter.

There are just some bird hunting stories that have to be told in person around a campfire, but...we'll give it a shot here on the world wide web.

Hi, I'm Sara, and this is my husband Beau (see photo below). I thought about posting a perfect photo of a quail or pheasant hunt, which would make logical sense for this "blog," but I'd like to introduce us in our actual real life state below ...i.e., Beau prepared and ready to go quail & pheasant hunting, and me still figuring out how to clip my bird belt. Please don't let this photo fool you though, the Feathered Forest Hunt Club is a serious upland bird hunting experience (with a lot of fun mixed in of course).

The Forest doesn't care if you show up in Sitka or a brand new hunting shirt from Buc-ees...we want to make bird hunting accessbile for folks in the Greater Houston (and surrounding) areas. We can't wait for you to create some campfire stories of your own at the Forest.

Getting ready for a quail & pheasant hunt at the Feathered Forest.

Don't worry, I'll get some real content for y'all to read soon. It's going to be a great bird hunting season. To book your hunt go to

***We love hearing from you! For a chance to be featured in the future, shoot us a message with YOUR story:

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